Capillary Rheometer

 | Post date: 2021/01/10 | 


Device model: Rheologic 5000
Manufacturer: Ceast
Country of manufacture: Italy

Description of test:
It is the most common and simplest device for measuring viscosity in the shear speed range used in the polymer process. The driving force of the current in the capillary rheometer is pressure and is measured under pressure difference in isothermal conditions. This device is recommended for measuring the viscosity of polymer melts in the shear velocity range higher than 1s-100.

Services available:
  • Determination of polymer yield stress
  • Investigate the quality of materials by measuring their behavior at different temperatures, pressures and shear rates
  • Post-mortem inflation study
  • Investigation of degradation of polymers
  • Simulation of injection molding processes, extrusion, blow molding, blow film preparation

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