Rubber Process Analyzer (RPA)

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Device Model: Rubber Process Analyzer 2000 (RPA)
Device model: RPA 2000
Manufacturer: ALPHA
Country of manufacture: USA
Software name used: Eclipse

Description of test:

The rheological-mechanical-dynamic measuring device (RPA) can analyze rubber mixtures before, after and during baking without the need to make a sample with specific dimensions and shape, and obtain valuable information about the viscoelastic properties of rubber materials. With this device, the storage modulus, dissipation modulus, Tan D and time torque diagram can be measured for rubber samples.

Available services:

  • Provide graphs of viscoelastic properties as a function of frequency, temperature, time and strain
  • Stress relief test
  • Measuring the properties of rubber mixtures before, after and during baking
  • Determine the time required to reach the desired torque
  • Help determine the formulation and evaluate the rubber compound formulation

Sample preparation:
A volume of 4 to 6 cubic centimeters of the sample is required.

Applicable standards:
  • ASTM D5289
  • D6048
  • D6204
  • D6601
  • D7050
  • D7605


  • Measurable frequency range: 50-016 Hz
  • Measurable temperature range: from room temperature to 230 degrees Celsius with an accuracy of close to 1.0 degrees Celsius
  • Strain applied: 3% to 1250%

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