Rheometeric Mechanical Spectrometer (RMS)

 | Post date: 2021/01/10 | 


Device model: MCR301
Manufacturer: Anton Paar
Software name used: Pheoplus

Description of test:

The RMS device is used to calculate the rheological properties of various materials (non-Newtonian fluids), especially polymers (thermoplastic polymers, pastes, polymer solutions, resins, adhesives, biopolymers, etc.). Temperature control equipment as well as peripherals of the device allow testing on different types of fluids.

The rheological properties of a wide range of materials from low viscosity liquids (100% liquid) to high viscosity materials (100% solid) can be calculated and measured with different measuring systems of this device.

Services available:

Rheometers are able to calculate many rheological parameters, including:

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