Rockwell Hardness

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Device Name: Rockwell Hardness
Device model:
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Description of test:
Hardness is defined as the resistance of a material to permanent deformation. This device measures the hardness of plastic samples as resistance to depression under load. The Rockwell method measures the depth of stable penetration created by a force / load applied to the penetrator. Hardness is a dimensionless number, and a higher number on any scale means harder material

Sample preparation
  • The sample required for this test must be at least 6 mm thick cut from the molded or cut from the plate and have a minimum surface area of ​​25 mm square, or if cut from other shapes have a minimum surface area of ​​6 cm cm .
  • Make sure that the sample has smooth parallel surfaces to be well placed on the anvil and to avoid slight contact deviation.

Applicable standards   
  • ASTM D785    For plastics
  • ASTM E18      For metals

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