Density Meter

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Manufacturer: ceast ‍
Country of manufacture: Italy

Description of test:

The measuring range of this device is between 3.0-0.5 g / cm3, which makes it possible to perform tests for various materials such as organic materials, thermoplastics, thermostats, elastomers and light metals. This device measures the density of materials through the density gradient column method and compares the density of the test materials with materials whose density is known.

Sample preparation

The part required for density measurement can be in any shape if its dimensions are easy to measure and it has the highest accuracy for measuring the volumetric center of the suspended part. In preparing the sample, care must be taken that when cutting the piece, there is no change in the density due to pressure on it.

Applicable standards

  • ASTM D1505
  • BS 2782 method 620D
  • ISO 61

Available services

Measurement of density of polymers

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