Slip Tester

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Machine heart: 6196,000
Manufacturer: ceast
Country of manufacture: Italy

Description of test

 The device consists of a movable slider and a fixed plate and measures the static friction coefficient and kinetic friction coefficient of films and plastic coatings by sliding when sliding on themselves or other materials, using the device standard. .

Sample preparation

  • The sample is in the form of a film or a polymer plate. The sample should have dimensions of 250 mm in the direction of the machine and 130 mm in the transverse direction for the fixed part, also for the moving part of the dimensions, 120 mm square for the film and 63.5 square mm for the polymer plate.
  • Note that the film is defined as a screen with a nominal thickness of not more than 0.254 mm.
  • 5 sets of each sample are tested.

Applicable standards

  • ASTM D1894

Available services

  • Measurement of Static friction coefficient
  • Measurement of kinetic friction coefficient

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