Abrasion Tester

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Manufacturer: Bareiss
Country of manufacture: Germany

Description of test:

The abrasion resistance of elastomers gives a measure of abrasion when exposed to the abrasive body. The amount of wear is determined by reducing the volume of a cylindrical specimen. There are several test methods to simulate the wear process.

Available services:

Measurement of abrasion resistance of tires

Sample preparation:

The test piece is cylindrical with a diameter of 0.16 2 0.2 mm and a thickness of at least 6 mm, which is cut from the plate with a suitable thickness. 3 to 10 pieces of each sample are required. If a sample of suitable thickness is not available, the required part can be obtained by placing several pieces with a thickness of at least 2 mm on top of each other. Sample hardness should be at least 80IRHD.

Applicable standards:

  • DIN ISO 4669
  • NF ISO 4649
  • ASTM D5963


  •     Relevant results of samples containing cavities or porosity are unreliable.
  •     Rough surface specimens give less accurate results than flat specimens.
  •     The test should be performed at least 16 hours after vulcanization or mixing.

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