Tear Tester

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Device model: ED30
Manufacturer: ‍ceast
Country of manufacture: Italy

Description of test:

This device is used to measure the tear strength of plate samples and is designed to perform tests on paper, aluminum, plastic films, flexible multilayer packaging, non-woven fabrics, and other low-strength materials.

The results are presented in the form of a rupture force in milli-units.

Applicable standards:

  • ASTM D1922
  • ASTM D689
  • ASTM D1424
  • ISO 1974
  • ISO 6383/2
  • BS 4468
  • NF Q 03-011
  • NF T 54-141

Sample preparation:

The dimensions of the test sample are shown in the figure below.
(Punch is available for sample preparation.)


Applicable energy range: from 4000 mN to 100 Nm

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