Heat Deflection Temperature and Vicat Softening Point (HDT/VICAT)

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Device model: 6911,000
Manufacturer: eCeast
Country of manufacture: Italy

Description of test:

Preservation of mechanical properties at high temperatures limits the widespread use of polymers. Vicat softening temperature test allows the user to determine the temperature range at which the surface properties of the product remain constant. The Waikat test is the temperature at which a circular needle with a cross-sectional area of ​​1 mm2 sinks under a standard load of exactly one mm. The test result is the temperature at which the thermoplastic begins to soften rapidly. Thermal bending temperature (HDT) is another characteristic that in order to measure that sample is exposed to a bending load and the temperature rises at a constant speed. When the sample is transformed to the specified value specified in the standard, the HDT temperature is obtained. This test is used to measure the ability of polymers to maintain mechanical properties (surface properties) at high temperatures. Because polymeric materials are being replaced by other materials in all fields, the importance of performing this test is increasing rapidly and rapidly. HDT and Vicat tests can be performed separately on this device.

Services available:

Measurement of the temperature range in which the polymer has the ability to maintain mechanical properties Comparison of performance of reinforced and unreinforced materials

Sample preparation:

In the Vicat test, the thickness of the samples must be between 3mm-6.5mm and have a surface of at least 10mm ^ 2 or a diameter of 10mm.
In HDT test, depending on the orientation of the sample in the device, one of the two different types of samples should be used:
1- If the sample is in horizontal position:
    Length: 80mm ± 2.0mm
    Width: 10mm 0 0.2mm
    Thickness: 4mm 0 0.2mm

2- If the sample is placed vertically:
    Length: 120mm ± 10.0mm
    Length: 9 / 8mm 5 15,0mm
    Length: 3 / 0mm ± 4 / 2mm

Applicable standards:

  • ASTM D648
  • ASTM D1525
  • DIN 53461
  • ISO 75-1
  • ISO 306
  • UNI 5641
  • UNI 5642

    And other equivalent standards


Temperature range 200-300 degrees Celsius

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