Differential Scanning Callorimetry (DSC)

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Device Name: Differential Scanning Callorimetry (DSC)
Device model: Diamond DSC
Manufacturer: Perkin Elmer
Country of manufacture: USA

Description of test:

Differential scanning calorimetry test is a fundamental tool in thermal analysis and is used in many industries such as pharmacy, polymer, agriculture, semiconductor study, food industry and so on. In this test, some of the material is heated or cooled and changes in its heat capacity are recorded with heat. Examination of changes in heat capacity allows the detection of transitions such as melting, glass transitions, fuzzy changes, and sintering. In scanning calorimetry, the differential energy required to establish a zero temperature difference between the material and the reference sample is measured as a function of temperature or time. This test allows the detection of thermal and exothermic thermal effects, transfer and reaction enthalpies (peak area), determination of transfer temperatures and measurement of heat capacity.

Services available:

  • Investigation of crystallization temperature and crystallization behavior and amorphous behavior
  • Stability, thermal decomposition, pyrolysis and degradation
  • Thermal history (annealing)
  • Study of the effect of additives on the thermal behavior of materials
  • Identify the components of the compound
  • Determine the percentage of purity

Sample preparation:

30 mg of the substance is required to perform the test.

Applicable standards:
    ASTM D3418:  To determine the melting point, crystallinity and glassy point
    ASTM D3895:  To determine the oxidation induction time of polymers (OIT)
    ASTM E1269:  To determine the specific heat capacity of materials

    Temperature range: from -150 to 600 degrees Celsius

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