Thermal Gravimetry Analysis (TGA)

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Device Name: (TGA) Thermal Gravimetry Analysis
Device model: Pyris 1
Manufacturer: Perkin Elmer
Country of manufacture: USA

Description of test:
Heat analysis is a gravimetric technique that records the changes in material weight as a function of temperature or time in a controlled atmosphere. In this test, heat is applied to the sample in a controlled atmosphere according to a specific temperature program. The change in material weight strongly depends on the experimental conditions applied. Factors such as sample mass, volume, shape and physical properties, and heating rate can all affect the curve obtained. This technique is used to identify and quantify volatiles (organic and inorganic). In addition to thermal stability, degradation properties, longevity and reaction kinetics can also be investigated. TGA is used in a variety of industries from medicine to packaging.

Applications and services that can be provided:
• Study of stability and thermal decomposition
• Check the temperature of weight loss and degradation
• Check the amount of weight loss
• Review the weight loss steps
• Stability against oxidation
• Measuring the amount of moisture and volatiles
• Study of the impact of the environment on materials
• Study of decomposition kinetics
• Estimate product life
• Compare and identify different materials
• Determine the amount of filler
• Identify components
• Determine the amount of moisture absorption in different conditions

Sample preparation:
The sample to be measured can be solid powder, solid bulk and film and a maximum of two hundred mg of material is required.

    Temperature range: up to 1000 degrees Celsius
    Heating speed range: 1-50 degrees Celsius per minute

Applicable standards:
  • ASTM D2584
  • ASTM E1131
  • ASTM E2008

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