Thermogravimetric/ Differential /thermal Analysis (TG/DTA)

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Device Name: Thermogravimetric / Differential / thermal Analysis (TG / DTA)
Device model: Pyris Diamond
Manufacturer: Perkin Elmer
Country of manufacture: USA

Description of test:
TGA is a thermal analysis method in which the mass change of a sample is observed and analyzed by changing the temperature. It can also be measured as a function of time at a constant temperature. This method is usually used to analyze the purity of the sample, carbonate and organic matter in the sample, etc. TGA can be used to evaluate the thermal stability of materials. For highly volatile compounds, TGA can be a suitable method for determining the rate of evaporation. This method also helps to determine the cooking temperature of the ingredients.
This device has the ability to provide derivatives of thermometry curve (DTA) and (Heat Flow) in one place. The DTA curve provides TG information visually more easily. It also allows the maximum weight loss temperature (TMax) to be determined quickly, resulting in the onset of Te and Tf (end temperature).

Services available:
  • Investigation of adsorption processes (desorption)
  • Oxidative degradation
  • Thermal stability
  • Weight loss stages and temperature conditions
  • Complex materials
  • Quantitative analysis
Sample preparation:
The sample can be cut into granules, powder or thin films and the minimum required amount of the sample is 15 to 30 mg.

Applicable standards:
  • ASTM D2584
  • ASTM E1131
  • ASTM E2008

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