Report of the Meeting of AUT Authorities with Cultural Deputy and Director General of Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology

 | Post date: 2019/12/7 | 
Amirkabir University of Technology hosted this meeting on August 16th, 2020.
The head of Supreme Leader Agency at Amirkabir University of Technology said, “Amirkabir University of Technology is quite dynamic in various domains and despite corona virus epidemic it has been active in cultural issues.”
Stating that cultural comprehensive virtual plan has been carried out successfully during the first 3 months of the current year, deputy minister of culture and students’ affairs of Amirkabir University of Technology said, “the second phase of this comprehensive virtual plan will be developed for the new academic year.”
The chancellor of Amirkabir University of Technology said, “Taking corona disease incidence into account, various scenarios have been developed and we plan to have both online and in-person classes.”
Deputy Minister of cultural and social affairs of Science, Research and technology Ministry, Dr. Qaffari said, “The new academic year (2020-2012) coincides with Moharram mourning days and universities can utilize the cyberspace to hold mourning rituals.”

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